AT Series Aerial Terminals AERIAL TERMINALS Tii’s AT Series of Aerial Terminals are a family of free breathing, strand mounted, aerial terminals available in copper only, fiber only, and composite copper & fiber versions. They are designed to support strand or pole mounted Small Cell and 5G wireless installations, and are particularly suited to line powered applications. They are available with and without overvoltage surge protection on the copper pairs. The central tube supports copper and fiber splicing, with a removable fiber splice tray supporting up to 144 mass or 24 single fusion splices available with preinstalled fiber pigtails. T-bar strain relief features are designed to be used with hose clamps to secure the cables, and ample cable slack storage is available for midspan access or butt splicing of all cable types. Integral bond braids ensure ground continuity on the copper cables. The sidecar box supports copper and/or fiber connections to the external DC-DC converter or radio. Fiber connections are located under a separate covered and secured area, and all copper connections utilize industry standard gel filled tool-less IDC connections. Versions are available using industry standard 5 pin overvoltage surge protectors. ATB12SA900N40 | 3” X 30”, 12 FIBER, SC-APC WITH 900UM PIGTAIL & 40 UNPROTECTED COPPER PAIRS ATB12SA900P18 | 3” X 30”, 12 FIBER, SC-APC WITH 900UM PIGTAIL & 18 PROTECTED COPPER PAIRS 7.45 10.32 5.000 6.64 30.10 6.69 18.44 6.81 9.69 4.71 Size A