OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS 81 OVERVOLTAGE SURGE PROTECTION www.tiitech.com ORDERING INFORMATION - CALL FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION EMC-240B AC Surge Suppressor with Fuses and Failure Indicator, Top Wire Entry, 18”Wire Leads DIMENSIONS Dimensions (height x width x depth): 4.6” x 2.8” x 2.2” (11.7 cm x 7.1 cm x 5.6 cm) EMC-240B - AC SURGE SUPPRESSOR The EMC-240B Surge Suppressor is designed to protect powered OSP telecom cabinets, home electrical panels, or similar electronic equipment from destuctive voltage surges. Wires exit from top of unit for easy panel mounting. Designed to be installed in standard two phase 120/240 Volt or single phase 110 Volt circuits. Front-facing LEDs indicate the protection circuitry is functioning properly. SMARTRCD - ELECTRONIC PRE-PROGRAMMED SELF-TESTING AUTO RE-CLOSING RESIDUAL CURRENT DEVICE (GFCI) The SmartRCD is an EN61008 compliant self-testing, auto re-closing, electronic RCD. It is used in applications where an RCD is required to address issues with ground resistance and protect the public. This 2 pole unit is designed to directly replace existing RCDs to allow the end user to comply with BS7671 17th edition regulations regarding periodic testing. The unit is microcontroller based and can be custom programmed with a desired test schedule. The default test period is 90 days, eliminating the need for a field technician to attend and carry out the periodic test. AC SAFETY DEVICES ORDERING INFORMATION - CALL FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY SMARTRCD -XX -XXX -X -XS OPERATING CURRENT (AMPS) RESIDUAL FAULT CURRENT (MA) ORIENTATION AC INTERRUPTION DURING SELF-TEST CYCLE 10, 13, 16, 23, 25, 32, 40, 63 030, 100, 300 0 = Bottom Entry 1 = Top Entry -01 = Approximately 4 Minutes -02 = Approximately 2 AC Cycles DIMENSIONS Dimensions (height x width x depth): 3.82” x 1.42” x 2.91” (9.70 cm x 3.61 cm x 7.39 cm)