OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS 79 OVERVOLTAGE SURGE PROTECTION www.tiitech.com PROTECTOR PANELS RACKMOUNT PROTECTOR PANELS Our protector panels are a powerful solution for your connection or protection applications and are aimed at giving you the space savings and improved economy you’re looking for. Modern day broadband (Triple Play) networks require custom, high-density connection and protection solutions with low cross-talk and insertion loss. We have the flexible solutions that meet these challenging requirements. Cat5 compliant for superior transmission of DSL or other high frequency networks. Pair Pin-Out Connector Types Cable Types 025 1504 Postion 1 Top Left, Position 10 Bottom Left B Raw Stub A 24 AWG CAT5e 050 0701 Position 1 Top Left, Position 10 Top Right C MS2 (Dry) Flame Retardant C 24 AWG CAT3 100 D MS2 (Gel) D 26 AWG CAT3 200 E 710 G Champ Style RJ21 Male 90 Degree Hood H Champ Style RJ21 Male 270 Degree Hood (reverse 90) I Champ Style RJ21 Male 180 Degree Hood M Champ Style RJ21 Female 90 Degree Hood N Champ Style RJ21 Female 270 Degree Hood (reverse 90) O Champ Style RJ21 Female 180 Degree Hood ORDERING INFORMATION - CALL FOR PRICING & AVAILABILITY 19 XXX - XXXX - X X X - X X X Model No. Pair Count Pin-Out OSP or Field Equipment Side Connector Type Cable Type Stub Length* Connector Type Cable Type Stub Length* *For custom stub length solutions, please contact customer service Toll Free at 888.844.4720 Custom (CAT5e/CAT3) tails and connectors types also available.