OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS FIBER OPTICS 49 www.tiitech.com DOME ENCLOSURES FSD SERIES - FIBER SPLICE DOME ENCLOSURE FSD Series fiber optic splice enclosures are a butt end splice closures equipped with Roxtec cable sealing technologies. Constructed of superior materials to withstand harsh outdoor environments, such as UV degradation, chemical exposure and cold temperatures to ensure continuous operation of high speed fiber networks. The seals in the ports of the lid prevent gas, water or humidity from entering the enclosure. FTTA SERIES - SEALED FTTA FIBER AND POWER DOME DISTRIBUTION TERMINAL The FTTA-DDT is a sealed dome terminal providing fiber management and power surge protection/distribution for remote radio applications on towers and rooftops. The dome enclosure is equipped with industry proven Roxtec Multidiameter™ cable sealing technologies and is constructed of superior materials to withstand harsh outdoor environments such as UV degradation, dust, rain, snow, ice and cold temperatures. DIMENSIONS Dimensions (height x diameter): FSD1 - 19.6” x 6.0” (49.8 cm x 15.2 cm) FSD2 - 21.25” x 8.4” (53.9 cm x 21.3) FTTA-DDT -X -X NUMBER OF LC-LC ADAPTERS NUMBER OF PROTECTION MODULES 0 - 6 0 - 6 DIMENSIONS Dimensions (height x diameter): 21.25” x 8.4” (53.9 cm x 21.3 cm) ORDERING INFORMATION MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION FSD-1120N FSD Series 1 with 1 Splice Tray 2 Small Grommets FSD-2102N FSD Series 2 with 1 Splice Tray 2 Large Grommets FSD-TU Splice Tray 24 Single/144 Mass Fusion FSD-G18 Cable Entry Grommet RSL-31 Small 8-18mm FSD-G30 Cable Entry Grommet RSL-50 Large 8-30mm