OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS FIBER OPTICS 46 888.844.4720 ACCESSORIES ORDERING INFORMATION MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION FST-ASF24 Splice Tray 24 Single Fusion FST-AMF06 Splice Tray 6 Mass Fusion 72 Fibers FST-AUNIV Splice Tray Universal 24 Single / 6 Mass Fusion ACCESSORIES FST-BKT1 Mounting Bracket 1.0 IN Standoff FST-BKT2 Mounting Bracket 1.5 IN Standoff FST - FIBER SPLICE TRAY The FST Series are stackable fiber splice trays ideally suited for patch and splice combination panels and splice panels. The splice trays are designed with three point self-securing features. For single or mass fusion applications. SINGLE FUSION MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION UOM SPLICE40S Splice Sleeve 40mm x 3.0mm Standard 100/Pack SPLICE40T Splice Sleeve 40mm x 2.5mm Thin 100/Pack SPLICE60S Splice Sleeve 60mm x 3.0mm Standard 100/Pack SPLICE60T Splice Sleeve 60mm x 2.5mm Thin 100/Pack MASS FUSION SPLICERBN25 Mass Sleeve Single Strength 40mm (4.0 x 4.7mm) 25/Pack ORDERING INFORMATION MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION FLB-SLC Fiber Loop Back LC MM50 OM3 FLB-SSC Fiber Loop Back SC MM50 OM3 FLB-KLC Fiber Loop Back LC MM62.5 OM1 FLB-KSC Fiber Loop Back SC MM62.5 OM1 FLB-RLC Fiber Loop Back LC SM OS-2 G657.A1 FLB-RSC Fiber Loop Back SC SM OS-2 G657.A1 ORDERING INFORMATION MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION FIT Fiber Installation Tool FUSION SPLICE PROTECTION SLEEVES Heat shrink splice protectors for single and mass fusion. LOOP BACK Fiber optic loop back assemblies route the transmitter back to the receiver using the shortest distance practical. Useful for remote testing, engineering development and equipment burn-in. FIT - FIBER INSTALLATION TOOL Fiber Installation Tool (FIT) is a handy tool used to thread fiber cables and connectors through walls during installation. This unique tool is ideal for residential and commercial fiber installations.