OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS FIBER OPTICS 36 888.844.4720 CUSTOM FIBER ASSEMBLIES SIMPLEX JUMPERS Indoor single-strand interconnect jumpers are OFNR Riser Rated, TIA and Telcordia compliant. Typically stocked in 1-10, 12, 15 and 20 meter lengths. Available in Singlemode BIF G657.A1, OM-1, OM-2, and OM-3. ORDERING INFORMATION SIMPLEX JUMPERS LENGTH METERS SINGLEMODE MULTIMODE OS-2 BIF G657.A1 62.5 OM-1 50 OM-2 50 OM-3 (LO) LC/SC 1 R1S2R9-LCSC001MC K1S2R2-LCSC001MC C1S2R2-LCSC001MC S1S2RA-LCSC001MC 2 R1S2R9-LCSC002MC K1S2R2-LCSC002MC C1S2R2-LCSC002MC S1S2RA-LCSC002MC 3 R1S2R9-LCSC003MC K1S2R2-LCSC003MC C1S2R2-LCSC003MC S1S2RA-LCSC003MC LC/ST 1 R1S2R9-LCST001MC K1S2R2-LCST001MC C1S2R2-LCST001MC S1S2RA-LCST001MC 2 R1S2R9-LCST002MC K1S2R2-LCST002MC C1S2R2-LCST002MC S1S2RA-LCST002MC 3 R1S2R9-LCST003MC K1S2R2-LCST003MC C1S2R2-LCST003MC S1S2RA-LCST003MC SC/SC 1 R1S3R9-SCSC001MC K1S3R2-SCSC001MC C1S3R2-SCSC001MC S1S2RA-SCSC001MC 2 R1S3R9-SCSC002MC K1S3R2-SCSC002MC C1S3R2-SCSC002MC S1S2RA-SCSC002MC 3 R1S3R9-SCSC003MC K1S3R2-SCSC003MC C1S3R2-SCSC003MC S1S2RA-SCSC003MC SC/ST 1 R1S3R9-SCST001MC K1S3R2-SCST001MC C1S3R2-SCST001MC S1S2RA-SCST001MC 2 R1S3R9-SCST002MC K1S3R2-SCST002MC C1S3R2-SCST002MC S1S2RA-SCST002MC 3 R1S3R9-SCST003MC K1S3R2-SCST003MC C1S3R2-SCST003MC S1S2RA-SCST003MC SC-APC/SC 1 R1S3R9-SASC001MC 2 R1S3R9-SASC002MC 3 R1S3R9-SASC003MC SC-APC/SC-APC 1 R1S3R9-SASA001MC 2 R1S3R9-SASA002MC 3 R1S3R9-SASA003MC ST/ST 1 R1S3R9-STST001MC K1S3R2-STST001MC C1S3R2-STST001MC S1S2RA-STST001MC 2 R1S3R9-STST002MC K1S3R2-STST002MC C1S3R2-STST002MC S1S2RA-STST002MC 3 R1S3R9-STST003MC K1S3R2-STST003MC C1S3R2-STST003MC S1S2RA-STST003MC