OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS FIBER OPTICS 30 888.844.4720 PEELABLE MICRODROP CABLE PEELABLE MICRODROP CABLE Tii’s MicroDrop cable is an indoor/outdoor rugged fiber optic service cable. The jacket is easily peelable to expose a clear 900um subunit that is almost invisible routing indoors. A factory terminated MicroDrop cable to transition from an OSP demarcation point and seamlessly terminate near the required customer ONT with the best signal quality and least visual impact to the premise. ORDERING INFORMATION - PRE-CONNECTORIZED MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION Z1K9R8-SASA025F-02 MicroDrop OFNR Peelable SC-APC/SC-APC 25 ft. Z1K9R8-SASA050F-02 MicroDrop OFNR Peelable SC-APC/SC-APC 50 ft. Z1K9R8-SASA075F-02 MicroDrop OFNR Peelable SC-APC/SC-APC 75 ft. Z1K9R8-SASA100F-02 MicroDrop OFNR Peelable SC-APC/SC-APC 100 ft. ORDERING INFORMATION - BULK FIBER & ACCESSORIES MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION FRB-Z1K9R8-610M Pull Box Single-Fiber Peelable MicroDrop Cable 2000 ft. (610M) FRB-Z2K9R8-457M Pullbox 2-Fiber Peelable MicroDrop 1500 ft. (457M) Z1K9R8-183M Disposable Reel Single-Fiber Peelable MicroDrop 600 ft. Z2K9R8-122M Disposable Reel 2-Fiber Peelable MicroDrop 400 ft. HW-CLIP-01 Clear Vinyl Siding Clip for Peelable Drop Cable HW-CLIP-02 Screw Type Clip for Peelable Drop Cable FRS-BC Belt Clip for 400/600 FT Peelable MicroDrop Cable OCWS MicroDrop Cable Wall Sleeve with Universal Cap Install shown with FIT Tool on page 46 506F Pre-Connectorized Simplifies Installation Available in Single and Dual Bulk Fiber Single or Dual Bulk Fiber Pullbox CableWall Sleeve with Universal Cap Screw Type Clip Clear Vinyl Siding Clip Single or Dual Bulk Fiber Disposable Spool and Belt Clip