OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS FIBER OPTICS 20 888.844.4720 PATCH AND SPLICE CASSETTES PSC SERIES - PATCH AND SPLICE CASSETTES Patch and splice cassette terminates up to 24 fibers in a single slot LGX-118mm industry standard patch panel. The modular design allows for simplified network expansion and upgrades. The PSC replaces the need for custom factory loading of patch and splice panels, or stocking multiple plates, splice trays and pigtails. Reduce lead time and increase flexibility with the PSC cassette solution. ORDERING INFORMATION SINGLE FUSION 900UM PIGTAILS INTERFACE PORTS OS-2 G.657A1 MM62.5 OM-1 MM50 OM-2/3/4 LC APC 6 PSC06RLA9B 12 PSC12RLA9B 24 PSC24RLA9B LC UPC 6 PSC06RLC9B PSC06KLC9B PSC06SLC9B 12 PSC12RLC9B PSC12KLC9B PSC12SLC9B 24 PSC24RLC9B PSC24KLC9B PSC24SLC9B SC APC 6 PSC06RSA9B 12 PSC12RSA9B SC UPC 6 PSC06RSC9B PSC06KSC9B PSC06SSC9B 12 PSC12RSC9B PSC12KSC9B PSC12SSC9B ST UPC 6 PSC06RST9B PSC06KST9B PSC06SST9B 12 PSC12RST9B PSC12KST9B PSC12SST9B MASS FUSION RIBBON PIGTAILS INTERFACE PORTS OS-2 G.657A1 MM62.5 OM-1 MM50 OM-2/3/4 LC APC 12 PSC12RLARB 24 PSC24RLARB LC UPC 12 PSC12RLCRB PSC12KLCRB PSC12SLCRB 24 PSC24RLCRB PSC24KLCRB PSC24SLCRB SC APC 12 PSC12RSARB SC UPC 12 PSC12RSCRB PSC12KSCRB PSC12SSCRB ACCESSORIES MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION LG1-CCH Conversion Plate LGX118 to CCH BKT-PSC1 Wall Mount Bracket, 1 Cassette BKT-PSC2 Wall Mount Bracket, 2 Cassettes