OSP CONNECTOR BLOCKS FIBER OPTICS 18 888.844.4720 RACKMOUNTS RACKMOUNT FIBER DISTRIBUTION PANELS Indoor rackmount fiber distribution panels. All-purpose construction using powder coat steel. Panel sizes include 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 adapter plate capacity options. Reversible rackmount ears for 19 or 23” installations. Optional 2, 3, 4RU flush mount 19” kit available. Slide out master tray is removable from either front or rear doors. PSC and MFM cassette ready for economical stocking and fast modular deployment, or available custom factory loaded with adapters, trays, pigtails and cable stubs. RACKMOUNT SLACK STORAGE UNITS Rackmount fiber slack storage enclosure to manage excessive lengths of preterminated cable assemblies in a small footprint. Designed to mount in a 19” or 23” relay rack. Removable sliding drawer with slack retention features. Available in 1RU and 2RU sizes. CUSTOM LOADING ORDERING INFORMATION RM XXX B XXX X XX X CHASSIS FIBER PORTS FIBER TYPE ADAPTER PIGTAILS 1U2 - 1U 2 Plate 1U3 - 1U 3 Plate 2U4 - 2U 4 Plate 2U6 - 2U 6 Plate 3U8 - 3U 8 Plate 4UX - 4U 12 Plate 006 012 024 036 048 072 096 144 R - Singlemode K - MM62.5 OM1 C - MM50 OM2 S - MM50 OM3 FC - FC FA - FC APC LC - LC SC - SC SA - SC APC ST - ST N - None 5 - 250um 9 - 900um R - 12 Fiber Ribbon ORDERING INFORMATION MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) RM1U2B 1RU Patch Panel Empty 2 Adapter Plate Capacity 1.75” x 17.0” x 14.25” RM1U3B 1RU Patch Panel Empty 3 Adapter Plate Capacity 1.75” x 17.0”x 14.25” RM2U4B 2RU Patch Panel Empty 4 Adapter Plate Capacity 3.5” x 17.0” x 14.25” RM2U6B 2RU Patch Panel Empty 6 Adapter Plate Capacity 3.5” x 17.0” x 14.25” RM3U8B 3RU Patch Panel Empty 8 Adapter Plate Capacity 5.25” x 17.0” x 14.25” RM4UXB 4RU Patch Panel Empty 12 Adapter Plate Capacity 7.0” x 17.0” x 14.25” RM-FM-1U Flushmount Kit Rackmount 1U RM-FM-2/3U Flushmount Kit Rackmount 2U or 3RU RM-FM-4U Flushmount Kit Rackmount 4RU PSCxxxxxxx PSC Patch and Splice Cassette FST-ASF24 Splice Tray 24 Single Fusion FST-AMF06 Splice Tray 6 Mass Fusion (72 Fiber) ORDERING INFORMATION MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION RM1UBSS 1RU Slack Storage Enclosure RM2UBSS 2RU Slack Storage Enclosure DIMENSIONS RM1UBSS: 1.75”H x 17”W x 14.25”D (4.45 cm x 43.18 cm x 36.20 cm) RM2UBSS: 3.5”H x 17”W x 14.25”D (8.89 cm x 43.18 cm x 36.20 cm) PSC CASSETTE COMPATIBLE (SEE PAGE 20)